The Experiment Continues


Since we cancelled cable, the kids have watched more NetFlix than I would like, but the interest in fish continues. Other interests are also beginning to show themselves. Emeleye will turn 12 in the fall. She is becoming interested in makeup. Yesterday, she spent hours in her room practicing eye ... Read more »

Getting My Kids Off Drugs


My kids are NOT on drugs, but my title is not as provocative as you might think. The promise of the web, and of each new technologies, is that we have the means to become more creative. Some of us are, but many of us are not. There is nothing ... Read more »

How To Talk People

Have you ever had this happen to you? You get called to a company training session for a new web-based application that is being rolled out, and the trainer starts by showing you how to log in? The purpose and use of the application is covered with a quick statement ... Read more »

I Am Eating My Own Dog Food

dod food

Change may not always be good, but sometimes it is necessary. It is easy to get stale, but technology keeps changing. I remember when I turned forty. A member of my team said, "Forty! Forty? How can that be?" I aksed, "Do I look much younger than forty to you ... Read more »